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How to Properly Wear a Disposable Face Mask

Disposable face masks are a convenient and low-cost form of PPE that help to protect yourself, those around you and your environment from potentially harmful contaminants. Whether you’re wearing the mask as a routine hygiene measure in the workplace, or are taking precautions against COVID-19, it’s important to ensure that your face mask is applied and worn properly for safety and maximum effectiveness.

Mask Orientation
Most disposable face masks feature two different colored sides: blue and white. The blue side should face out away from your face, as it features a waterproof coating to keep others’ fluids from coming in. The white side of the mask is absorbent to help prevent your fluids from getting out of the mask. It’s essential that the mask be worn with these colors facing the correct way for optimal protection during wear. Check that the mask is applied right-side up by ensuring the white, malleable strip on the mask is facing upward, so it will lay across your nose.

Place one ear loop securely around an ear, pull the mask across your face, and hook the remaining ear loop. Hold the top of the mask at the nose and pull the bottom of the mask to fully extend, covering and resting under your chin. Finally, flatten the white bar along your nose and face to form a more secure seal for a tighter fit.

Though it may become slightly more difficult to breathe while the mask is applied, please keep in mind that it is only effective while being worn in this manner. Pulling the nose area down for venting, removing an ear loop or pulling the mask up so it’s not covering your mouth nullifies the masks ability to protect yourself and others from exposure to potentially harmful droplets.

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