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Clearway Quickmount Template Kit

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Clearway Quickmount Template Kit

Clearway Quickmount Template Kit

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Item #: G3682700

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Clearway Quickmount Template Kit Item # G3682700
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Product Description

Description Simplifies the process of cutting bulk roll material into individual door strips.
  • Fabricated of non-slip 1/4" acrylic.
  • Dimensions are permanently etched directly on the template.
  • Special drill bit bores a perfectly round hole into material to prevent tearing.
  • Kit includes template, drill bit and marker.
  • All strip doors are designed to mount on either the inside or outside wall above the door opening with a minimum of 5" overlap on each side.
  • Remember to check your local building codes and/or with your local USDA inspector when buying products for your remodeling job.
  • HOW TO FIGURE THE AMOUNT OF STRIP NEEDED: We recommend mounting these doors 1 foot above door opening to eliminate tearing strips with tall loads.

    1.) MEASURE the opening width and height in feet.

    2.) ADD 1-ft. to the door height and width, depending on space available.

    3.) CALCULATE using the following formula in feet:

    6" Strips— (width x height) x (1.5) x (2)

    8" Strips— (width x height) x (1.5) x (1.66)

    12" Strips— (width x height) x (1.5)

Manufacturer Number QMTEMPLATEKT
Type Strip Doors

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