As a key supplier to the food processing industry, Bunzl Processor Division/Koch Supplies is an essential part of the critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security. While we are taking precautions to ensure the health and safety of our team and customers, we will remain open during normal business hours in order to support all food processors that are steadfastly continuing to provide our communities with a healthy and abundant supply of food during this worldwide crisis.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call us at 800-456-5624 or chat with us online. Here are a few resources to keep you up-to-date and running safely and efficiently.

Product Solutions

Food-Approved Short-Sleeve Gown

Food-Approved Short Sleeve Gown

Purell Surface Sanitizer

Purell No-Rinse Surface Sanitizer

launderable mask

Launderable Face Masks


Pure Surface Sanitizer

Light-Duty Face Shield

Light-Duty Face Shield

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What is Bunzl PD's return policy during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Effective 3/24/20 – 6/30/20

During this time of uncertainty, we ask our customers to partner with us as it relates to returns/exchanges. As we find products that will bridge the gap until continuity of supply is restored, we are implementing the following Return Policy that is specific to any products sold during this pandemic:
    • Products sold via customer approval as substitutions and/or solutions to current shortages are not returnable.
    • Products bought at significant volumes above average volumes prior to the COVID-19 period will not be returnable.

Does Bunzl have a supply chain strategy during this time?

You can rest assured the entire supply chain team at Bunzl is working around the clock to identify alternatives, test new items and find new suppliers to help mitigate any potential supply issues. Information is changing on a daily basis. 

How can you help?

    • Communicate any business requirements or demand changes.
    • Be as flexible as possible in the event that we identify an alternate item.
    • Understand that the issue is global in nature and affects the entire PPE industry.
    • Respect customer allocations and do not order more than demand average.

All of us here at Bunzl consider your success and the continued safety of your employees as if it were our own business. We sincerely thank you for your continued support as we work through the current global challenges. 

Why is spun poly such an issue to source?

In our view, there are three primary reasons:

    1. Most spun poly is manufactured in Wuhan - the city at the epicenter of the Chinese outbreak. Wuhan was only recently reopened, leaving a four-month gap in the supply chain for spun-bound items. 
    2. The raw material (polypropylene) is the same raw material used in medical masks. Mask production is currently taking nearly all of the available raw material. 
    3. Many bouffant and beard guard manufacturers have switched to making medical masks.

Why can’t we get more N95 face masks?

The largest manufacturers of these masks - Honeywell, 3M, and Moldex - all have manufacturing plants in China. The Chinese government is preventing these companies from exporting their products to the United States and are keeping the masks in China for domestic use.

Why are there limitations on the amount we can purchase?

This is to make sure all of our customers have products to buy. Hoarding and buying extra is very prevalent in this crisis environment and we want to do our best to provide safety and PPE products to all of our customers.

How do I properly put on/take off PPE?

The type of PPE used will vary based on the level of precautions required. The procedure for donning and doffing PPE should be tailored to the specific type of PPE. Here are some examples:

Goggles/Face Shields

Putting on (Donning)

    1. Place over face and eyes.
    2. Adjust to fit.

Taking off (Doffing)

    1. Remember: The outside of the goggles/face shield is contaminated!
    2. If your hands get contaminated during goggle/face shield removal, immediately wash your hands or use an alcohol-based sanitizer.
    3. Remove goggles/face shield from the back by lifting head band or ear pieces.
    4. If item is reusable, place in designated receptacle. Otherwise, discard in waste container.


When using gloves, continue to use safe work practices to protect yourself and limit the spread of contamination:

    • Keep hands away from face.
    • Limit surfaces touched.
    • Change gloves when torn or heavily contaminated.
    • Perform hand hygiene.

Putting on (Donning)

    1. Extend to cover wrist.

Taking off (Doffing)

    1. Remember: The outside of the gloves are contaminated!
    2. If your hands get contaminated during glove removal, immediately wash your hands or use an alcohol-based sanitizer.
    3. Using a gloved hand, grasp the palm area of the other gloved hand and peel off the first glove.
    4. Hold removed glove in gloved hand.
    5. Slide fingers of ungloved hand under remaining glove, at wrist, and peel off second glove over first glove.
    6. Discard gloves in waste container.

Health & Safety Tips

Food Safety for Illness Prevention

Food Safety for Illness Prevention

Hand Sanitizer Image

Hand Sanitizers: Staying Healthy in a Pinch


Washing Your Hands for Food Handling

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