Hand Sanitizers: Staying Healthy in a Pinch

Keeping your hands clean is among the best ways to stay healthy and avoid the spread of bacteria through direct contact. While washing your hands is the preferred and most effective method, soap and water are not always readily available for proper cleaning. In this situation, hand sanitizers provide a great alternative to remove harmful bacteria in a quick efficient manner.

Hand sanitizers can be available in a liquid gel, spray or wipe form for use in various applications. For best results, choose an alcohol-based product containing at least 60% alcohol (see product label for this information.) To use, simply apply the sanitizer to hands, rubbing over all surfaces including hand backs and between the fingers, as well as around the nails. Continue until your hands are dry (about 20 seconds.)

Though effective in a pinch, hand sanitizers are not an equivalent replacement for washing your hands. They do not kill all germ types, and may not be as effective when hands are visibly dirty or greasy. As a best practice, hand sanitizers are best used when touching high-contact areas such as door handles or countertops, and active surfaces where bacteria may harbor but hand washing is not an option.

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