Our 10 Best-Selling Sausage Seasonings to Elevate your Product

Bunzl Processor Division is proud to partner with A.C. Legg to provide our customers with a wide assortment of seasonings to suit your specific processing needs. These Made in the USA flavors have served the meat industry for nearly 100 years, and have proven to be a customer favorite throughout the century. The company began in 1923 when Andrew C. Legg crafted and retailed his secret pork sausage for several years at a downtown Birmingham, AL meat market. Eventually, he believed that he could share his Southern Style sausage seasoning with the rest of the country, and A.C. Legg was born. Since then, a wide selection of flavors have been developed, not just for sausages but for beef, pork, poultry, game meats or seafood applications. 

Our seasoning offerings vary from American classic to international flavor combinations including marinades, rubs, jerky, snack sticks, glazes, cures and Bunzl Exclusive venison seasonings. Among these dozens of flavors, our best-selling seasonings continue to be our sausage blends. Take it from our customers, and check out our top 10 best-selling sausage seasonings to make the most of your sausage creations! 

Legg’s Pork Sausage Seasoning #10 – Our best-seller by far! This original “Southern Style” seasoning packs generous levels of natural spices.

Legg’s Bratwurst Seasoning #104 – A traditional German-style taste for fresh or cooked product.

Legg’s Pork Sausage Seasoning #6 – Similar to our best-selling Blend #10, this formula has less ground black pepper and red pepper for a milder flavor.

Legg’s Mild Italian Sausage Seasoning #102 – A mild yet full-flavored classic Italian sausage.

Legg’s Sweet Italian Sausage #101 – This seasoning contains all natural ground spices with a touch of sugar.

Legg’s Hot Italian Sausage Seasoning #103 – This blend is similar to Mild Italian Sausage #102, but includes crushed red pepper for a spicy boost.

Legg’s Pork Sausage Seasoning #7 – A mild blend with red pepper, black pepper and sage.

Legg’s Hot Pork Sausage Seasoning #109 – Contains crushed and ground red pepper for a spicy punch.

Legg’s Maple Breakfast Seasoning #8 – This increasingly popular seasoning encompasses a classic breakfast flavor that appeals to both young and old.

Legg’s Pork Sausage Seasoning #29 – The same great flavor as Blend #6 with a medium spice level!

All flavors listed above are for use with 25-lbs. of product. Visit us online to view our full selection of sausage seasonings and other A.C. Legg flavors to help take your flavors to the next level!