Game Season Essentials: Wild Game Processing Supplies

Large butcher shops aren’t the only operations in need of meat processing supplies. Small meat processors also need to be stocked up with the latest in preparation for game season! Of course, your needs will differ if you’re processing wild game as opposed to standard meat processing fare like beef and poultry.

If you’re new to meat processing or are looking to fine-tune your wild game processing operation, here are all the supplies you’ll need to harvest anything from ducks to deer. Explore all the game season essentials. 

Field Dressing, Skinning and Quartering Supplies

Before you’re ready to process your game, you have to be equipped with the critical supplies. This means field dressing, skinning, and quartering large game or plucking and skinning fowl. Here are a few supplies you’ll need:

Disposable Gloves

Field dressing can be messy business! Whether you’re processing in the field or in a processing facility, you’ll need some high-quality disposable gloves to keep your hands protected and avoid contaminating your other supplies.

Hooks or Gambrels

Hooks and gambrels are helpful for hanging your game as it drains. Make sure you get the right equipment for your set-up and have a good place to hang your game. These can also be useful later on if your small meat processing facility ages or smokes cuts.


A trigger action hand saw or electric meat saw will make the job of chopping your game into more manageable pieces a lot easier! Which kind of saw you get will depend on both preference and need. While a hand saw is more lightweight and portable, an electric saw can be more efficient for use in the processing facility. 

Skinning Knives

Every meat processor should have a favorite skinning knife! We recommend the INOX PRO Skinning Knife that is specifically designed for skinning larger animals. If you don’t have a favorite knife yet, this one will be it!

Large Bins or Meat Lugs

Wild game is often heavy, but can easily be managed when cut and sorted into meat lugs or large poly totes! These are an ideal way to transport game into the meat processing facility. 

Game Processing Supplies

Whether you’re a small meat processing shop or butcher, or a large facility, you’ll need some essential supplies to finish the job:

Boning Knives

While some meat processors like to use their skinning knives throughout the entire process (with several good cleanings, of course!), a more precise cut can be achieved by using knives designed for the job at hand. Boning knives are made to slice meat as close to the bone as possible without cutting through the bone itself, allowing for every bit of that nice, tender meat.

To keep all of your knives sharp and sturdy year after year, we recommend investing in a good knife care system like this oilstone set for sharpening and honing your cutlery.

Grinders and Stuffers

If your shop prepares sausages or grinds portions of your meat, equip your space with a tabletop sausage stuffer and a meat grinder. These are useful for processing the less tender cuts of meat, saving the high-quality pieces for heartier cuts.

Kitchen Scale

To get each cut evenly weighed before packaging, you should invest in a stainless steel washdown scale that’s designed for meat processing. Washdown scales won’t be damaged from either blood and meat juices or soap and water, making them a must for food handling safety.

Seasonings, Spices, and Cures

Game processing is about more than just skinning and cutting up meat. To really make the most of the game, stock up on seasonings, spices, and cures that bring out the flavor and enhance the unique taste of wild game. From savory pork sausage and Italian marinade, to ready-for-the-breakfast-table maple breakfast seasonings, these delicious extras take meat from good to great. Also available are our exclusive venison seasonings, designed specifically for venison cuts, but works well with beef and pork.   


Once the processing is complete, there are several great methods for packaging wild game. The simplest way to package your cuts is with freezer paper, which can preserve frozen meat for up to 12 months. Heavy weight freezer paper is a great option, and this camo print butcher paper has rave reviews for quality and style.

For a more professional packaging style that stands the test of time, meat bags and vacuum pouches will preserve your frozen cuts while adding some branding and a better seal.

Shop Bunzl for Your Game Processing Essentials!

From harvesting to processing to packaging, BPD’s wild game processing supplies shop has you covered! As you’re getting ready for the next game season, take a look at our shop to prep or refresh your supplies and give us a call if you have any questions.