Ultra-Safe Technology Advanced Hygiene Cleaning Solutions

Award-winning Ultra-Safe Technology (UST) from Vikan® introduces a revolutionary line of brushes and brooms for improved safety, quality and cleaning efficiency. Developed in close cooperation with food industry partners, these cleaning tools are the most hygienic and food-safe compliant products on the market today, proven to provide great functionality and durability with chemical and thermal resistance. 

UST tools are built to meet the following hygienic design principles:

  • -Easy to clean and dry
  • -Durable and well-constructed
  • -Smooth surface finish
  • -Absence of acute internal angles
  • -Made of food-safe materials

See below for the unique features and benefits these products provide that will work together to enhance hygienic practices in your facility.

Enhanced Bristle Retention

Traditional cleaning brushes feature bristles that are staple- or resin-set into the brush block.  Over time and with frequent use, bristles begin to dislodge, loosening the entirety of the bundle and causing more to fall out, resulting in a food safety risk. UST brushes utilize enhanced bristle security units that are molded directly to the brush block, removing any gaps or seams while offering unprecedented bristle retention strength. In fact, bristle fixation is 3x more consistent in UST brushes than in staple- or resin-set options. Because of this, UST brushes require 52% more force to loosen a bristle than is seen on a traditional brush. 

Optimized Bristle Patterns

Each UST brush type features a unique bristle pattern that provides high cleaning efficacy, helping to reduce the time spent on a task. These bristle arrangements make the brush easier to clean, dry and inspect, helping to lower their risk of harboring bacteria and cross-contaminating food contact surfaces.

  • Hand Scrub Brush – angled and circular bristle arrangement for scrubbing and washing in a circular motion.

  • Broom/Deck Scrub – angled arrangement of the bristle security units enable more efficient cleaning.

  • Bench Brush – bristles security units are arranged to enable the efficient and effective removal of fine powders and loose debris.

Construction & Design

All Ultra-Safe Technology brushes are constructed from FDA-compliant materials for safe food contact. Brushes feature a one-piece molded design with smooth surface finishes and no acute angles that could conceal unwanted allergens and microorganisms. These cleaning tools also feature a durable, light and ergonomic construction built to extend the life of the brush while helping to reduce user fatigue. 

Color-Coding Compliance

In addition to the food safety features outlined above, Vikan® UST brushes are fully color-coded to help eliminate cross-contamination. The block and bristles are made from the same color for easy visual inspection, providing the highest degree of traceability possible for today’s stringent HACCP environments. Choose from 8 bright colors for each UST brush type. 

Ultra-Safe Technology products were designed specifically for hygiene-critical environments, making them a perfect fit for food handling facilities, processing applications and beyond. Visit us online for more information on our Vikan® UST Scrub Brushes, Bench Brushes, Brooms and Deck Scrubs, or for our full selection of Vikan® and Remco cleaning and hygiene solutions.