Benefits of Washdown Scales in Food Processing

When handling raw food product, harmful bacteria is abundant, making proper sanitation essential for preventing cross-contamination. Food scales are one tool that frequently encounters potentially hazardous product, and if not properly cleaned, can become a hot zone for harboring bacteria. Washdown capabilities of a scale are largely beneficial to the food processing industry, and could directly influence the well-being of your product and overall brand.

What is a Washdown Scale?
Washdown scales are specially designed to protect the internal mechanisms from exposure to harmful elements such as water or dust. These scales are often constructed of a durable material, such as stainless steel, to increase the longevity of the scale’s operation. These design elements allow for the scale to be regularly exposed to water, soap, sanitizers and other elements for regular and efficient cleanings without risk of damage to the machine.

A&D Weighing’s HL-3000WP Stainless Steel Washdown Safe Scale is BPD’s #1 selling scale. This machine has consistently proven to be a reliable measurement tool for our customers in food processing operations, while enhancing a food-safe conscious environment. This scale is fully washdown when powered by batteries, though an optional AC adapter is available (sold separately) should you require an alternative power source. The stainless-steel housing will not rust or corrode for extended product life and functionality. Users will enjoy a variety of weight measurements, with reading available in grams, pounds or ounces – available through an easy-to-read 1/3000 resolution LCD display. The built-in tare function provides users greater measurement capabilities, while the auto power off feature extends battery life for extended use. 

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