Pink Protective Equipment for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, making now the perfect time to replenish your protective equipment with pink gear to show your support and help spread awareness! Not only is pink protective equipment a fun way for women in the workplace to add a little personality to their everyday work attire, but it also is a great way for everyone to come alongside women in solidarity and demonstrate support for a good cause.

The Story Behind the Pink Ribbon

The use of pink—and more specifically, the well-known pink ribbon—for breast cancer awareness started in the early 1990s. Charlotte Haley wanted to make a difference after watching several women in her life struggle with breast cancer, so she began making and passing out peach-colored ribbons.

Eventually, the ribbon became pink as the message and mission spread. Pink represents hope and community for many struggling with breast cancer, letting them know they aren’t alone. And what better place to show support than every day in the workplace?

Pink Protective Equipment Options

At Bunzl Processor Division, we offer a wide selection of pink protective equipment that food processing employees can deck themselves out in for breast cancer awareness or just to add some pizzazz to their daily attire.

Hot Pink V-Gard Safety Hard Hat

The best ratchet-style suspension hard hat on the market is available in a bold hot pink color! This hard hat is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear all day while providing essential protection, with adjustable suspension to fit all sizes.

If you prefer a less bold shade, these hard hats come in various colors including a softer light pink. It also has a slotted design for various hard hat accessories like the accessory clip, which also comes in pink!

High Visibility Pink Mesh Vest

Bright colors are important for improving safety through workplace visibility, making this pink mesh vest perfect when you want visibility but don’t require ANSI compliance. The silver reflective stripes give it an extra boost of visibility.

Breast Cancer Awareness Safety Glasses

The Eva Pink Frame Scratch-Resistant Safety Glasses have a subtle pink on the rubber temple tips, plus pink ribbon insignias to show your support for breast cancer awareness! Available in both transparent and sunglasses varieties for working in bright environments, these safety glasses are designed with a smaller and narrower frame than standard safety glasses to better fit a woman’s face.

Add a pink eyewear strap to hang them around your neck to keep these glasses easily reachable when not wearing them.

Foldable Pink Earmuffs

In a loud work environment, it’s important to keep your hearing protected with earmuffs. These pink earmuffs have a handy foldable design for more compact storage and foam-filled ear cushions for optimal comfort. And like all the other safety equipment in this blog, they’re pink!

Victorinox “Little Vicky” Paring Knife with Pink Handle

The “Little Vicky” is the most popular knife in the commercial fishing industry, and the bright pink color is a definite crowd-pleaser! As one reviewer said, “I love my little pink knife, it’s great for all the potato peeling and onion chopping!”

ToteAll 2000 Molded Poly Totes

Looking for a fresh set of food-approved totes for your meat lugs or other storage needs? These multi-functional totes have an advanced rib design for easy stacking and molded-in handles for comfortable handling. Fill your meat processor with pink totes to show your entire staff support for breast cancer awareness. You can even stick some pink ribbon stickers on the totes to really drive the point home.

Pink Disposable Gloves

Keep your hands clean and protected with pink disposable nitrile gloves. Replacing your disposable glove stock with pink powder-free nitrile gloves is an affordable way to add some color and breast cancer awareness to your workplace, reminding all of your employees how important it is to spread awareness and show support during the month of October.

Pink Cleaning Supplies

If you’re really wanting to transform your workplace into a pink palace, replace your old cleaning supplies with these pink alternatives:

Other Ways to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Beyond spreading awareness through the inclusion of pink safety equipment, there is a lot you can do this month to promote breast cancer awareness and research! Here are a few ideas to be intentional and proactive about your support this month:

  • Look for a breast cancer awareness related 5K, either virtually or locally
  • Donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)
  • Wear a pink ribbon sticker or pin—or the color pink—every day in October
  • Host a fundraising event
  • Become a corporate partner with the NBCF
  • Help a cancer patient or volunteer at a local hospital
  • Share facts and statistics daily throughout October on your social media pages
  • Decorate a bulletin board in your workplace with statistics and inspiration for promoting breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Starts with You!

Every little thing you do during the month of October and beyond can make a difference in countless lives as breast cancer awareness spreads and funding for research is improved. With a female being diagnosed with breast cancer every two minutes, we need to each do our part to show support, spread the word, and raise funding.

Whether you’re a food processing industry employee, a mom-and-pop butcher shop, or the owner of a large meat processing plant, you can make a difference in your workplace by donning pink protective equipment or even purchasing new pink gear for your employees! Shop this blog to get started and spread awareness.