Dunlop Purofort FoodPro Boots: The Best Boot in Food Processing

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is crucial in the food processing industry. And at the very foundation of employee safety is footwear. Food processing workers need boots that will keep them safe, sanitary, and comfortable in an environment that tends to get pretty messy, which is why we at Bunzl Processor Division are determined to provide the very best solutions for your PPE needs. In this case, that means bringing you the latest and most innovative food processing boots that check all the boxes and then some: the Dunlop Purofort FoodPro Boots!

What You Need in a Boot as a Food Processor

We’re no strangers to the needs of food processing employees at BPD — considering so many of us have literally been in your shoes. We understand what you need as a food processor to get you through the long hours safely and comfortably, and the FoodPro has all of those features in spades.

Water and Chemical Resistant

Food processing plants have all manner of liquids on the work surfaces and floors at any given moment. This can be anything from chemicals used in food processing and sanitation to animal byproducts from slaughter to something as simple as water. No matter what liquids are on or around the food processing area, you need your boots to resist them and keep your feet clean and dry at all times.

Dunlop FoodPro boots are hydrogenic, with a very smooth surface that anything and everything will wash away from to keep them completely clean for their entire lifetime.

Slip Resistant Sole

In addition to keeping you dry, food processing boots should be slip-resistant! Processing a live animal into a food product naturally involves a lot of slippery remnants that can make a food processing plant hazardous to walk through without proper PPE. A sole with a well-designed grip like the FoodPro offers can reduce the likelihood of slipping and falling by as much as 25%!

Comfort for Long Wear

No one said working in the food processing industry would be easy, but we can at least make it more comfortable. When you’re on your feet for many hours a day, you need boots that give you proper support to prevent foot, leg, or back pain.

With a high-quality insole that is specifically designed with comfort in mind, FoodPro boots don’t require a separate insole purchase to keep you cozy on your feet and ready to process meat. They’re also the most lightweight boots on the market, removing up to 500 lbs of walking weight over their lifetime!

What Makes FoodPro the Cadillac of Boots

While Dunlop successfully crossed all their “T’s” and dotted their “I’s” designing a boot that met the needs of our end customers, they didn’t stop there. The Dunlop FoodPro boot takes your functional and practical needs the extra mile with a totally original design that no one has yet been able to replicate!

Self-Cleaning Sole

Yes, you read that correctly: The Dunlop FoodPro sole has uniquely shaped large channels with no harborage points. Unlike other boots, they’re designed to prevent collection of gunk and debris underfoot. As you walk in your FoodPro boots, these channels will direct any animal byproducts you step on out from under your boots, so you’re not stuck cleaning them out by hand after a long day.

Hands-free Removal

Dunlop FoodPro boots come in a wide range of sizes to fit the diverse population of food processing workers, and the fit on all of these is loose without falling off. This is done so that you can easily take your boots off and put them on without ever touching them, keeping your boots and hands alike sanitary as you avoid transferring any messy meat processing debris or chemicals between the two. Simply use one boot to slide off the other, then hose them down to prepare them for the next day!

Innovative Polyurethane Construction

These polyurethane boots are developed with proprietary technology and machinery to make them longer lasting and a better quality construction than anything else on the market. The high-pressure production process creates an extremely smooth and durable surface with no air bubbles. This results in better insulation, more flexibility and stronger performance than other polyurethane boots.

This well-made, well-designed boot is built to withstand the test of time. A full-time food processing professional can expect a pair of Dunlop FoodPro boots to last up to a year. That’s almost two times as long as other polyurethane boots, and up to four times longer than PVC boots!

A Long-Lasting Investment

Dunlop uses the best production process and technology available to make their FoodPro boots, making them more expensive to produce than any other polyurethane boot. However, the benefits quickly outweigh the costs, as the long lifetime of FoodPro boots cuts the total cost by up to 12%.

Made in the USA

The fact that Dunlop products are all produced at their plant in Maryland is just the icing on the cake for FoodPro boots! This localized production makes it easy for us at Bunzl to collaborate with Dunlop and quickly meet new demands, such as adding new colors or upgrades based on customer feedback. It also means that together with Dunlop, we are creating more jobs in the United States for hardworking Americans. Through their partnership with us, Dunlop has added close to 45 manufacturing jobs in the United States!

Partnering Together for YOUR Safety and Success

Dunlop shares our vision at Bunzl for keeping American food processing workers safe! Both companies are dedicated to innovating the best products to meet your PPE needs, reducing turnover at large food processing plant, and making sure the boots on the ground are well cared for.

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