The Benchmark in Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Disposable gloves are one of the most important forms of protection in any food handling setting. Not only do they protect the food product from unhygienic exposure with the handler, but they also protect the user from bacteria, microorganisms and other contaminants that could prove harmful and dangerous with contact or ingestion. There are a variety of disposable glove varieties and materials available, but only one stands alone as the “benchmark” solution.

650 Series Nitrile Disposable Gloves are an ideal PPE solution for food handling applications. Their durable construction provides protection against a variety of substances frequently encountered in food processing including oil-based solvents, animal fats, petroleum and caustics. The specially engineered fingertip texture actively improves the users grip without sacrificing dexterity, even when handling greasy or slick materials. These powder- and latex-free gloves provide a premium layer of protection, with a 5-mil. thickness at the palm, which is a stronger and more puncture-resistant barrier than seen in standard disposable gloves. Their 9-inch length also helps to extend protection to or even beyond the user’s wrist, helping to avoid unwanted food-to-skin contact.

A unique advantage of these Bunzl Exclusive gloves is their color-coding compliance. 650 Series gloves are available in six bright and bold colors (blue, green, lime green, orange, grape and black) to fit seamlessly into your facility’s color-coding plan. The heavy color pigmentation of each glove helps to easily detect any food safety or contamination hazards without compromising the safety of your goods or your workers. Each color of gloves is available in a wide range of sizes from small – 2X-large for a comfortable fit that protects everyone on your team, no matter their size. An ambidextrous design conveniently fits both right- and left- handed workers with ease. 

Looking to increase your operational efficiency? 650 Series can help with that! These premium gloves come flat packed in a convenient dispenser box, resulting in a quicker donning time. This design also helps to reduce waste that often results from multiple gloves dispensing at once, falling on the floor and becoming unusable due to contamination. Check out our variety of disposable glove dispensers to help streamline this process even further to help protect your bottom line.

In his review of our 650 Series Nitrile Disposable Gloves, Andy says “These gloves are best in the industry from all points! I would highly recommend the purchase of these for your business or home use. ★★★★★” If you’re ready to put these high-quality gloves to the test, give our team a call at 800-456-5624 or visit us online! We look forward to assisting you!