Clarity® Shrink Bag Smart Packs

Do you want your product to have that Cryovac® case-ready look, but don’t need thousands of bags in one size? Now you can get the sizes you need and the quantity you want, all while saving money! 

Bunzl Exclusive Clarity® Shrink Bag Smart Packs give you the opportunity to order multiple sizes of shrink bags in quantities of 250, compared to our standard cases that may require ordering up to 3,000 bags at once. Shrink Bag Smart Packs come in compact boxes that easily fit at your workstation. These uniquely designed dispensing boxes make it easy to grab just one bag at a time, helping to eliminate unwanted waste. All Clarity® Shrink Bags are constructed of the highest-quality Cryovac® film to protect your fresh, frozen or ready-to-freeze meat, poultry, seafood, smoked and processed products. 

See below for the Clarity® Shrink Bag Smart Packs we currently offer and their recommend uses to help provide your operations with the bag sizes you need and the quantity you want! 

Series 2000 Low Abuse, High-Shrink, High Barrier BagsB2170 and B2171
Good for cheese, smoked and processed meats, retail fresh meats, boneless hams, sausages and processed turkey. 

Series 4000 High-Abuse, Medium-Shrink, High Barrier Bags - B4770
Good for processed meats, retail bone-in fresh meats, bone-in ham cuts, bone-in smoked turkey, smoked ham in netting, glazed ham, dry sausage and hard cheeses (such as Parmesan.)

Non-Gassy Cheese Block Bags, High Abuse, Medium-Shrink, High Barrier - BH220
Good for all types of cheese including wedges, sticks, blocks, squares, half-moons and mini loafs.

Gassy Cheese Bags, Medium Abuse, High-Shrink, Medium Barrier - B2181 and B2183
Good for gassy cheese such as Swiss, allowing carbon dioxide to escape the packaging while maintaining product freshness.

Fresh Poultry/Turkey, Medium Abuse, Medium-Shrink, Non-Barrier Shrink Bags - E2300
Good for fresh and frozen poultry products of all sizes.

10K OTR Fresh Fish, Low Abuse, Medium-Shrink, Non-Barrier Bags - HP2700
Good for fresh seafood: tuna loins, mahi, sea bass fillets, bulk fillets such as salmon, catfish, cod, flounder and tilapia.

For more information on our Clarity® Shrink Bag Smart Packs or our other shrink bag varieties, give our packaging experts a call at 800-888-3610, and they will be able to help advise on the right product for your operations!