The Best Knife Scabbard for Food Processors

Scabbards are protective sheaths used to safely store the user’s knives or other cutlery tools while keeping them within reach for easy access. These holders are especially useful in meat cutting, butchery and other food processing applications, as knives are required to perform most tasks within these professions, and restricting movement or shuffling to keep track of tools can hinder efficiency and delay a worker’s output. See below for more information on the different types of knife scabbards, and our choice for the best option to help food processors keep their tools protected and ready to perform.

For the longest time, aluminum scabbards were the only option available to those in the food processing industry. Though functional, easy to clean and durable, these scabbards come with some disadvantages, the most significant of which being that they often result in the dulling of the knife’s blade. When placed inside of an aluminum scabbard, it is very common for the blade to brush along the inside of the holder, altering its sharpness with every point of contact. When leaning or bending over, it is also common for knives to fall out of the aluminum scabbard and become contaminated by the floor or other unsanitary surfaces, as these holders are not equipped with any gripping feature that helps to secure the knives in place.

With the advancement of injection molded plastic, plastic knife scabbards were developed as a superior option against their aluminum counterparts. As a leading benefit, plastic scabbards are not known to cause blade dulling in the knives they are storing. Even if the blade rubs against the side of the storage container, the polyethylene construction will not compromise or alter its sharpness.

Our Plastic Knife Scabbards are equipped with a removable front for easy and efficient cleaning. The molded construction also features a seamless design to reduce any crevices that could harbor bacteria, enhancing the overall hygiene and safety of the product. Notches in the scabbard’s removable pouch help to keep both plastic and wood handled knives in place so you can trust that your tools will remain secure when bending over, while an angled flange keeps the knife nestled close to the scabbard and safely out of the way to avoid catching or other potential hazards.

Plastic knife scabbards are equipped to hold two knives, and are available in two styles: a short (9” length) and long (14” length) pouch option to store varying knife types. Both lengths feature molded slots to attach a scabbard chain or to easily wear on the user’s belt. An extended scabbard neck allows the knives to hang at a lower and more comfortable grasping distance for easier access to perform tasks quickly without wasting time reaching for your tools.

For more information on our plastic knife scabbards, or to explore the other scabbard varieties that BPD has to offer, visit us online or call our team at 800-456-5624. We look forward to speaking with you and helping to find the right knife storage solutions for your specific environment.