Bunzl C-R-S Cleaning System

Maintaining effective cleaning and hygiene practices in your facility is essential in ensuring that your product is safe and free from contamination hazards. Our Bunzl Exclusive C-R-S Cleaning System is an inexpensive and portable system, that makes production area cleaning fast and easy, so you know the job is being done right.

Each C-R-S Cleaning System Includes:

  • (2) 96-Ounce Containers (1 Foaming, 1 Sanitizing)
  • Foaming Unit Lid
  • Sanitizing Unit Lid
  • Standard-Duty Orange Nozzle
  • Quick Disconnect Coupler
  • (2) Chemical Dilution Metering Tips

This system is built to tackle your facility in three easy steps: clean/foam, rinse and sanitize

Attach nozzle to foaming unit with quick disconnect coupler. Then spray foam on area to be cleaned. We recommend using our Roubaix Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner for best results. 

Disconnect nozzle and rinse foam away using spray nozzle.

Attach nozzle to sanitizing unit with quick disconnect coupler. Then spray sanitizing solution on the area to be sanitized. We recommend our Divosan® Spectrum Sanitizer for best results.

Click here for a video demonstration of how to use the C-R-S Cleaning System

 For more information on the Bunzl C-R-S System and other cleaning solutions for your facility, chat with us online or call us at 800-456-5624.