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Footwear Protection against the Coronavirus

During this unprecedented time of the coronavirus outbreak, everyone’s top priority is personal and workplace safety, and taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the disease. A recent study published in one of the CDC’s journals presents a new way the virus can travel, suggesting that the coronavirus can be transported on the soles of shoes. While this information was published as a caution to those working in the healthcare industry, it’s important for all industries to be mindful of this risk, and explore measures to prevent this form of spread.

While there is no established best method for cleaning shoes for protection against the coronavirus, we at Bunzl Processor Division are proud to offer footwear PPE solutions and boot dip disinfectant products for enhanced protection.

Disposable Shoe Covers
Disposable covers provide an ideal shoe protection option, preventing shoes from exposure to various bacteria. Once used, covers can be easily removed and properly disposed of like other disposable PPE products. Below are three of our popular shoe cover varieties which offer different materials and features for applications in a range of environments.

Clear Disposable Poly Shoe Covers
These covers are made of 3-mil. Polyethylene, with an elastic top for a secure seal against exposure. Covers are one-size fits all, and are able to fit both shoes and boots.

Disposable, Non-Skid Shoe Covers
Constructed of lightweight polypropylene fabric, these covers are durable and resistant to punctures. They’re 18” in length with an elastic ankle opening for a one size fits all fit. As the name suggests, these covers feature a non-skid sole for enhanced safety and protection.

Tyvek Booties
These booties are resistant to punctures, with an elastic aperture to fit any size foot. They are available in white or gray ¬– the gray booties providing a slip-resistant coating for added safety.

Looking for more options? Click here for our full selection of shoe covers and booties for footwear protection.

If shoe covers do not provide a suitable option, our High-Wall Disinfectant Boot Mat provides the opportunity to efficiently disinfect footwear after potential exposure. Its 2” wall height guarantees the cleaning solution will cover the sole, sides and welt/arch area of boots. A mat grip pattern provides a non-slip surface for worker safety while the cross-contamination risk is being eliminated. This boot mat can be used with your choice of disinfectant; however, we recommend our Total Solutions One-Step Vanquish Sanitizer for best results.

We also offer equipment specifically designed for plants with a high volume of employees. Meritech XBW Automated Bootwash Stations fully scrub and sanitize the footwear of employees in as little as three seconds! These stations are designed for high throughput, and are available in Sole-Only or Full Footwear wash options for a wide range of applications and footwear types.

For more PPE and cleaning supplies that protect against the coronavirus, our COVID-19 Solutions page offers a range of products to help you continue to operate safely and efficiently. As always, you can call us at 800-456-5624 or chat with us online to discuss your facility’s specific supply needs.