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Smart Spring Cleaning

Winter is finally over, and spring is knocking at the door with your old nemesis: Spring Cleaning! Though cleaning up your environment should be done all year round, the start of the spring season presents a great opportunity to deep clean the grime and salt that is tracked in from the winter weather, and refresh the stale, cooped up air. We offer a wide selection of products to help take the work out of your spring-cleaning endeavors, and even have some “green” alternatives for our environmentally conscious customers!

Sponges and Scouring Pads
Whether you need to scour some blades and industrial sinks, or scrub down the restroom, our variety of sponges and scouring pads help to tackle even the biggest messes. We also offer disposable rags for durable, absorbent and lint-free cleaning!

Floor and Carpet Cleaner
Is the floor of your plant clean and properly sanitized? We have several products to choose from to help get your floor looking like new! Try our Spic-N-Span Floor Cleaner with Bleach or Misco Progress Carpet Extraction and Bonnet Cleaner – both proven to get the job done right!

Air Deodorizers
Air feeling a little stale from being cooped up all winter long? Disinfecting sprays like Lysol not only kill harmful germs in the air, but also provide a fresh, clean scent to revive any room. Have a specific scent in mind? Our Prime Source deodorizers are available in 9 different scents to customize each room to your liking!

Oven and Grill Cleaner
Over time, stovetop burners and grills can accumulate baked on messes from food splatter and grease build-up over use. Properly cleaning these surfaces is important for not only fire hazard prevention, but food safety and contamination as well. Check out our oven and grill cleaners to easily remove these unwanted substances for a safer and more efficient food prep environment!

Laundry Detergent
We know laundry is the task that never ends, but spring-cleaning is a great reminder to wash those commonly used items that rarely get worked into the cleaning rotation. Whether it’s towels, rags or work clothes for your staff, we have the laundry detergents and bleaches you need to get the job done!

Multipurpose and Sanitizing Wipes
Wiping up commonly used surfaces or cleaning up a small mess? Multi-purpose towels and sanitizing wipes make-clean up a snap! They’re even equipped to take on your larger tasks as well!

Trash Cans and Bags
Now that everything’s sparkly clean, where do you toss your rags, sponges and excess junk? Our round drums and lids are the perfect receptacle! With 5 different sized capacities and 9 color options, you can select the right product to properly dispose of your spring-cleaning waste! And don’t forget the can liners!

ToteAll 2000 Poly Totes
Everything is clean, the trash has been taken out – now it’s time to organize! Our ToteAll color-coded molded poly boxes are versatile for your specific storage and organization needs! Check out these suggested uses for your spring-cleaning applications!

Congratulations! Your environment is now clean, and ready for your springtime activities! Though it’s called “spring” cleaning, don’t forget to repeat the routine frequently throughout the year with the changing of the seasons, or as needed. Need help determining the right cleaning product? Don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-456-5624 for assistance! Happy cleaning!