Cook Chill Bags for Prepared Food

Cook Chill Bags are widely used by food processors, restaurants, supermarkets and more to help ensure consistent quality among prepared food batches while saving the time and labor needed to prepare and serve the food on the back end. Cook Chill Bags are perfect for foods of pumpable consistency such as soups, chowders, sauces, gravies, gelatins, chili, stews, pasta dishes, pizza toppings and several other applications. Foods are cooked and prepared at peak quality, then bagged, sealed and chilled to maintain the freshness and taste of the product. 

Food quality is maintained when using Cook Chill Bags, because once it is cooked, the product is never exposed to handling again. The foods are packaged at above pasteurization temperature and not exposed to air until the bag is opened for serving. Even after weeks in storage, foods in cook chill bags taste as if they were just freshly prepared! See below for the four unique features and benefits of our Made-in-the-USA Clarity™ C5000 Cook Chill Bags, that help make them a superior option against competing bags. 

Longer Product Life - Oxygen and moisture barriers provide increased protection of flavors. The low rate of gas transmission safeguards volatile flavor components throughout distribution.

Superior Durability - Clarity™ Cook Chill Bags are available in two thicknesses: 3-mil. and 4.5-mil. These thicknesses offer superior durability that withstands the rigors of handling and distribution with ease. Tears are extremely difficult to initiate or propagate. This toughness permits the filled bag to tumble inside a chiller without danger of rupture.

Positive Closure - Bags are pre-clipped or sealed on one end. After filling, the open end is then closed with a clip or heat sealed.

Improved Sanitation - From the time they are placed in a kettle for cooking, foods are untouched. They can be pumped directly into the cook chill bag at above-pasteurization temperature, ensuring greater protection against bacteria. 

The 7 Step Cook Chill process ensures a high degree of quality and a fresh-cooked taste.

  • Cook – Food is cooked in volume on site or at a central location under the highest quality-control standards.
  • Fill – When perfectly prepared and still above pasteurization temperature, food is poured directly into a bag to ensure strict sanitation.
  • Seal – Bag is then securely closed with a heat seal system or clip closure.
  • Chill – The sealed bag is immediately chilled to arrest the cooking process and lower core temperature to 40°F. Bags are chilled in an ice bath or a tumbler chiller.
  • Store – Filled bags are stored and/or shipped refrigerated or frozen. Bags stack easily, minimizing storage space and shipping costs.
  • Reheat – At the serving location, product is reheated into a steamer, immersed in hot water or the bag is opened to empty the contests into a kettle or serving pan.
  • Serve – The final presentation delivers quality, “fresh—cooked” goodness!

Bunzl Processor Division is proud to carry three styles of Clarity™ Cook Chill Bags to accommodate your specific needs. 

Sealed Cook Bags – Bag is sealed on one end. On larger bags, an angled seal adds extra strength and a surface to hold on to. 

Handled Cook Chill Bags– Bag includes a convenient built-in carry handle. 

Clipped Cook Chill Bags– Bag is pre-clipped on one end and ready to fill. 

After filling any of these bags, the opening is then closed with a clip or impulse sealer. See below for our sealing and cooking solutions, and other accessories to help fill and label your bags for efficient and reliable use. 

12” Foot Operated Sealer: Hands-free, foot operated control (Starter Kit available.)

Manual Clipper: Small and versatile in size, making it ideal for closing various types of bags, especially when the number of packages does not warrant a large or expensive machine (Aluminum Clips sold separately.) 

Tabletop Bag Sealers: Liquid-tight seals on all poly bags up to 5-mil. thickness (Starter Kit available.)

Poly Bag Clipper: Manually, hermetically clips food bags without contacting bag contents. 

Adjustable Ring Stand: Specially designed to fit our cook-chill bags for easy hand-fill.

Adhesive Perforated Labels: 4” x 2” high track labels suitable for chilling and boiling. 

If you have a food product that would benefit from cook chill storage, our variety of bag types, sizes and thicknesses are sure to provide the right solution! As an added bonus, you can mix and match any 3 sizes per case of cook chill bags and save! To help find the right fit for your product or to save on your order, give our team a call at 800-888-3610 or chat with us online, and we will be happy to discuss your ideal Cook Chill Bag options.