Benefits of Plastic Pallets for Food Applications

Defined as a portable, flat, rigid platform that carries a load, pallets are essential for facilitating safe and efficient shipping, handling and material storage while helping to guard products against damage or loss. Pallets can be made up of several types of materials including wood, plastic or aluminum. Each material comes equipped with its own features and advantages, but for the food processing industry, plastic pallets provide unique solutions that prove to be economically, hygienically and functionally beneficial. 

Plastic pallets have a long lifespan of use, especially when compared to their wooden counterparts. They are smooth, lightweight and comfortable for manual handling, providing ease of use in a variety of applications. Their non-porous plastic construction can be easily washed or sanitized for safe transportation of food and other products that require hygienic conditions. Most plastic pallets are engineered to be stacked or nested into one another when not in use, which saves crucial space in your warehouse or distribution center. When it’s time to be retired, plastic pallets are an eco-friendly solution, as they can be melted down and recycled.

Choosing the right pallet for your applications involves a variety of considerations including product type, manufacturing facility, shipping procedure and destination. See below for more information on the variety of plastic pallets that Bunzl Processor Division is proud to provide to assist with your storage, transportation and shipping needs.

Open Foot Nestable Pallets

Static Load Capacity: 30,000-lbs.
Dynamic Load Capacity: 4,000-lbs.
These nestable/stackable pallets are constructed of heavy-duty, single-piece molded polyethylene that meets USDA and FDA requirements. They are an ideal hygienic solution with grooved, slip-resistant decks are easy to clean, and catch points have been minimized for improved pallet sanitation. The open foot design also allows for waste to easily exit the bottom of the pallet, helping to avoid the harboring of harmful bacteria. When the life of the pallet has expired, it can be easily and responsibly disposed of, as they are 100% recyclable.

Remcon Poly Standard Pallet

Static Load Capacity: 5,000-lbs.
Dynamic Load Capacity: 2,500-lbs.
Rackable Load Capacity: 2,500-lbs.
These made in the USA pallets are an economical alternative to wood pallets. The molded poly construction is lightweight, rugged and easy to clean. These pallets feature a unique flat tap and round corners, and are conveniently stackable when not in use to save space in your facility. 

Decade Kitbin Color Pallets

Static Load Capacity: 13,200-lbs. 
Dynamic Load Capacity: 4,000-lbs.
Rackable Load Capacity: 1,320-lbs.
These color-coded pallets are perfect for food processing applications. They are constructed of single-piece, high-density polyethylene that stands up to heavy loads and continuous use. These pallets feature smooth surfaces that are easy-to-clean, with no risk of splinters or wood chips to contaminate the load.

Decade RACX® Pallets

Static Load Capacity: 25,000-lbs. 
Dynamic Load Capacity: 5,000-lbs.
Rackable Load Capacity: 2,200-lbs.
These pallets combine strength and economy in a lightweight one-piece design for superior performance at an affordable price. Made of recycled HDPE plastics, these rackable pallets feature a frame bottom with runners on all four sides for stability. These pallets come standard in four colors, with additional colors available in 100% virgin materials with a minimum order. Decade RACX® pallets are ideal for use in food processing applications, as well as warehouse racking systems, stack loading, closed loop transport, floor storage and automated material handling applications.

Plastic Pallet Skids

Static Load Capacity: 6,600-lbs. 
Dynamic Load Capacity: 2,200-lbs.
These pallets are constructed of lightweight and rugged virgin polyethylene for a longer, maintenance free life. They are easy to clean, with built-in drainage holes to reduce the cultivation of germs. These pallets are available in six colors, helping to comply with your color-coding plan for food safety. For added safety, these pallets feature a serrated deck, for non-slip performance, helping to keep your workers protected.  

Pallets are a valuable tool of trade and a business asset often taken for granted. We want to help ensure that your facility is properly equipped with the right pallet to help elevate your facility’s operations. If you need help finding the right pallet solution, or need assistance in placing your order, please call our team at 800-456-5624, chat with us online or visit our website, and our team will be happy to assist in determining the right fit.