WorkHorse® Metal Mesh Tunics for Upper Body Protection

Metal mesh gear is one of the strongest forms of protection against cuts and lacerations when working with cutlery tools and other sharp-edge objects. Our WorkHorse® Metal Mesh Gloves are renowned in food processing as the longest lasting and most comfortable hand protection. To improve safety and further protect food processing workers, we have taken that popular technology and created WorkHorse® Mesh Tunics to extend cut protection to a user’s arms, shoulders and thighs. Because these products carry the trusted WorkHorse® name, you can rest assured that they were designed for and are proven to perform in food processing and are available exclusively from Bunzl Processor Division. See below for the two different options we developed to better meet your facility’s specific operational needs.

WorkHorse® Titanium Mesh Tunics

Unlike the stainless-steel construction of our metal mesh gloves, these tunics are made of titanium rings, which provide the same great cut protection but weigh 40% less for descreased physical stress on the worker during long periods of wear. This gear was designed for complete upper body protection and flexibility, with coverage beginning at the shoulders and extending down to the knees. WorkHorse® Titanium Mesh Tunics provide the highest level of protection against extreme cut hazards.

Titanium is non-corrosive, making these tunics a great protective solution for both dry and wet conditions. They are approved for direct food contact and will not harbor bacteria for enhanced food safety. 

WorkHorse® Stainless-Steel Mesh Tunics

This stainless-steel mesh safety shirt is available in a full (extending past the hips) or half (extending below the chest) tunic, providing a protective and comfortable fit for a variety of applications. The sleeves are equipped with double welded links, providing extra protection to the user’s arms. For a more comfortable wear, the full-tunic options feature an open back to reduce the weight of the garment to help reduce wearer stress and fatigue. 

For extended life and hygienic purposes, all forms of metal mesh protection must be properly cleaned and maintained. Click Here for more information on caring for your metal mesh safety gear to get the most out of your investment. If your metal mesh apron requires a repair, we are proud to offer that service directly to our customers! If you are in need of a repair service or would like to request a quote, call our team at 800-456-5624 and we will be happy to provide more information. 

If your operations don’t require the extended upper-body protection of a tunic, check out our Stainless-Steel Mesh Aprons for frontal coverage that protects the chest and abdomen. For help determining the right form of personal protection for your specific operations, call our team at 800-456-5624 or chat with us online and our products experts will help find the right solution for you.