WorkHorse® Cut-Resistant Gloves

In the food and meat processing industries, a worker’s hands are the tools of their trade, making it essential to wear the highest level of cut protection. WorkHorse® Cut-Resistant Gloves are an ideal PPE solution for this application, helping to protect the user’s hands from incidental cuts and further injuries.  

WorkHorse® Cut-Resistant Gloves are constructed of a unique blend of high-performance fibers and stainless steel for an elevated level of protection. These gloves comply with food safety standards, as fibers are FDA approved and meet USDA requirements for food handling. The materials are also resistant to acids, alkali and organic solvents, and are machine washable for improved hygiene and extended life. 

These gloves are available in 4 different ANSI (American National Standards Institute) cut resistance levels: A4, A5, A6 and A9. A4 levels provide protection of up to 4.5 lbs. of cutting pressure, with A9 protecting over 6 lbs. of pressure. Three different gauge options are available as well (7, 10 and 13.) The higher the gauge, the thinner the thread for added flexibility and comfort in various applications. Unsure about what level of protection you need? Check out the WorkHorse® A610 variety – our #1 best-selling cut resistant glove! If you are in need of extra cut protection around a user’s wrists, we are proud to offer extended cuff options in most glove varieties. 

We recommend wearing a WorkHorse® Cut-Resistant Glove on the hand holding the knife, as well as a WorkHorse® Metal Mesh Glove on the other hand so that knife related injuries are no longer a worry. For your safety, please note that these gloves are cut-resistant, but are not cut proof or puncture proof. Do not subject the glove to moving or highly serrated blades. 

Indirect costs of knife injuries can include lost worker productivity (potentially running into the tens of thousands of dollars), cost of training replacement employees, damage to workers’ morale and company reputation. Avoid these unnecessary costs and develop a preventative plan with our WorkHorse® Cut Resistant Gloves today! Call us at 800-456-5624 or chat with us on our website, and we will happily help you determine the right solutions for your specific environment.