Due to COVID-19, item availability and shipments may be impacted.

Bunzl Processor Division Retrofits Plant in Order to Manufacture Reusable Face Masks

As a leading supplier to the food processing and packaging industry, Bunzl Processor Division understands the critical need to keep our customer’s production lines properly supplied in order for them to operate safely and effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, we’ve been working closely with a local manufacturer to make and distribute reusable face masks designed specifically for the food processing industry.

We have slowed production on our popular line of Koolerwear® insulated clothing products and retrofitted much of the plant in order to focus on the crisis at hand. This factory is now producing thousands of reusable face masks daily that are constructed of commercial-grade frock materials. These masks are comfortable enough to be worn for hours, yet durable enough to endure the rigors of commercial laundering.

“When this Coronavirus outbreak hit, we met with our key suppliers to see what we could do to help,” said Bryon London, Sr. Director of Product Development at Bunzl Processor Division. “We wanted to make sure the essential employees that are putting themselves on the front lines feel both safe and comfortable while working in the often-close quarters of a food processing plant, and this mask will help. We met with our Missouri manufacturing partner of over 30 years on our Koolerwear® line of clothing, and they are the perfect partner for this important line.”

The newly designed face mask can be ordered online or directly by calling 1-800-456-5624. Please Note: This mask is not N95 rated – it’s intended for general use strictly for nuisance and droplet protection – not intended for use by health care professionals.