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Reusable Face Masks for the Food Processing Industry

With the current increased demand and requirements for PPE, it’s important to know which face mask is best suited for your team’s needs. For those in the food processing industry, we are proud to offer a solution specifically designed to cater to the demands of your workplace: our Reusable Face Masks.

What Makes these Face Masks Different?
We’ve included several unique features for ease of use in the food processing industry, without sacrificing safety or comfort. Plus, they are launderable, to provide reusable protection to your employees without worry of re-stocking inventory.

Relaxed Fit.
These face masks are specifically designed to provide a loose yet secure fit for comfortable wear all day long. Unlike N95 masks, which are extremely tight fitting and may even cause bruising on areas of contact, our reusable face masks provide the droplet protection you need without irritation or discomfort. Our reusable face masks are also available in two options, fixed ear loops or adjustable ear loops, so users can adjust the tightness precisely to their desired fit.

Embedded Nose Clip for Safety.
Because these masks are specially designed for the food processing industry, it’s important to ensure they introduce no additional risk of contamination to food product. For this reason, a metal-detectable nose clip is embedded inside the mask as a safeguard against falling off while working or becoming detached in the laundry.

Familiar, Trusted Material.
Our reusable masks are made from the same material as our frocks (65/35 poly cotton) for easy handling and enhanced comfort. Even the ear-loops are made of this material instead of elastic, which can be vulnerable to damage in the laundry or ineffective with continued use.

These masks are in high demand, and have become a quickly adapted form of protective gear for our customers. They’re available in a variety of sizes, indicated by the ear loop color, and offer adjustment options to easily cater to your team. Our stock is replenished frequently, so shop online or us call at 800-456-5624 to order your Reusable Face Masks today!