Round Food-Approved Drums

When storing and transporting large amounts of food product, it’s important to utilize containers that are not only food safe, but are durable enough to stand up to the task. Our Round Food-Approved Drums are an ideal solution, providing various features and customization options to meet your facility’s specific needs. 

Durable, Hygienic Construction

Round Food-Approved Drums are constructed with the highest quality material, enhanced with a UV inhibitor to ensure longer life in even the most extreme commercial environments. These Made-in-the-USA containers are built for the long haul, and won't fade, warp, crack or crush. The seamless molded plastic surfaces are easy-to-clean and help to eliminate crevices where bacteria can become trapped. They are also safe for food contact with NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) 2 and 21 approval. Choose from 10-, 20-, 32-, 44- or 55-gallon capacities, with up to 9 distinct colors to assist with your facility’s color-coding plan for food safety.

Easy Handling

Equipped for mobility, these drums feature durable handles for ease when lifting and maneuvering. New integrated ergonomic hand holds on the bottom of the can make emptying contents simple and efficient. For even easier transporting, the drum’s notched bottom attaches to our Round Twist-on Dollies to smoothly wheel around your facility (for 20-, 32-, 44- and 55-gallon sizes only.) 

Space Saving

Anti-jam nesting helps to save valuable storage space when the drums are not in use. Needing some extra space when drums are filled? Our reinforced Round Container Lids allow for stacking while securely protecting your food product. These lids are durable, with round edges and textured surfaces that resist abrasions and scruffs. Container lids fit all available drum size and color combinations for convenience and consistency. 

Custom Imprinting Available

We are proud to offer custom imprinting services on our Round Food-Approved Drums to assist with clarity and easy identification. Whether you’re looking to add a message, brand name or logo, we are happy to work with you to bring your vision to life! Call us at 800-456-5624 for more information on our custom imprinting options.

Ready to give these Round Food-Approved Drums a try? Call us at 800-456-5624 or chat with us on our website. Our team is happy to help you find the right sizes, quantities and accessories for your facility.