JARVIS® Stunners for Humane Animal Handling

For over 100 years, the JARVIS® brand has been reinventing how people access the world’s food supply. This visionary company aims to reimagine the food processing experience, making it easy, affordable and enjoyable for processors to feed the people of the world. As the premier partner for humane handling in the food processing industry, we at Bunzl Processor Division naturally partnered with JARVIS® to help distribute the highest quality captive bolt equipment, backed by the best service and support teams across the United States. 

 Why Choose JARVIS®?

Proven Performance

Throughout their century in operation, made-in-the-USA JARVIS® stunners have consistently outperformed those of competing brands. In fact, 98% of Bunzl customers who tested a variety of stunning tools selected JARVIS® as their preferred choice. JARVIS® is 100% dedicated to the protein industry, with stunning tools featuring the latest in innovative design to ensure that our meat processing customers are operating with the highest-tech and most efficient humane handling equipment.


When you partner with Bunzl Processor Division and JARVIS®, your operation receives access to over 20 experienced field support representatives throughout the country. These technicians are dedicated to providing personalized service to your company that no other supplier can provide. In addition, we have a readily available service technician on-location in the Bunzl Processor Division warehouse in Kansas City, MO with 23 years of experience repairing captive bolt tools. 


As always, on-site support and training are provided at no charge. This is an ongoing offer during the life of your JARVIS® equipment. This training includes expert support on safety, cleaning and maintenance of all equipment and supplies purchased. We have also produced and provide training videos on these topics, which are available for FREE to help our customers learn proper procedures to keep workers safe on the job, and keep their stunning equipment running at the utmost efficiency. All JARVIS® equipment sold comes with a 1-Year Warranty. Should you require equipment support, you can rest assured knowing that our response time to customer needs is second to none in the industry.


We understand that product availability is instrumental to the efficient operation of your facility, which is why Bunzl Processor Division inventories JARVIS® tools, replacement parts and power load cartridges across the USA. Lead times for these items is very short, sometimes even just a few days, to replenish our inventory versus several weeks’ delivery of competitors.


Bunzl Processor Division is proud to offer FREE on-site consultations for your processing facility, where we can assist you in determining the right humane stunning equipment needs for your specific environment. Please email our Humane Stunning and Equipment Specialist Chuck Bildstein (contact information below.) 

For more information on JARVIS® captive bolt equipment, contact our specialists via the information below.

Chuck Bildstein
Humane Stunning & Equipment Specialists
[email protected]

Ryan Malone
MRO and Equipment Specialist
[email protected]