The Ideal Boot for Food Processing Environments

Food processing facilities present unique conditions and demands that require specially developed clothing and protective wear to carry out tasks safely and effectively. When it comes to footwear, Dunlop Purofort FoodPro Boots are a proven workhorse for optimal performance in these environments. See below for the unique features and benefits of these made-in-the-USA boots, and how they can help elevate performance at your processing facility.  

What is PuroFort? 

Purofort is a unique Dunlop material that contains millions of evenly distributed air pockets, making it lightweight and thermally insulated. In fact, these boots are 35% lighter than traditional and rubber PVC boots! This unique material also contains cross-linked structures for added flexibility and strength. These boots are created using a special recipe at the time of manufacture, giving your Purofort FoodPro boots a “born on” date. 

Benefits for the Food Processing Industry

Purofort FoodPro boots are resistant to mineral, animal and vegetable oil, fats, blood, disinfectants, and various chemicals, allowing for use in a variety of processing environments. The FoodPro tread pattern is specifically designed for the food industry, with wide channels so food matter does not accumulate or become a harborage point for bacteria. The sole is also SRC rated for the highest-slip resistance of any boot to enhance worker safety in any setting. 

The insole is orthopedically designed for optimal comfort during long wear, and is supported by a shock-absorbing heel and a steel toe cap for added safety. Each boot is equipped with thermal insulation to keep the user’s feet warm in cold conditions down to -4°F, while maintaining comfort in hot conditions. When applied in low temperature environments, Purofort FoodPro boots retain their flexibility, making them a comfortable and ideal solution for long durations of wear. 

To assist with cross-contamination prevention, Purofort FoodPro boots are available in five colors – yellow, white, green, blue and brown (available exclusively to BPD!) – to comply with your facility’s color-coding procedures.  A seamed anti-bacterial lining also helps to promote cross-contamination prevention. Purofort FoodPro boots are a pull-on style, reducing the need for ties and straps that can harbor harmful bacteria, and are waterproof for simple disinfecting and drying. 

Are you ready to upgrade your food processing facility’s footwear to Dunlop Purofort FoodPro Boots? We can help to make that happen! Call our team at 800-456-5624 for more information, or click here to shop and order these 5-star rated boots on our website.