Best PPE for Meat Packing

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is necessary for keeping workers safe throughout the meat packing process. This gear serves a number of purposes such as guarding against cuts and lacerations, reducing the risk of falling, and protecting workers from biological agents and harsh chemicals.

For the safest-possible meat packing operation, team members should be equipped with the right gloves, boots, headgear, eye protection, ear protection, and high-visibility gear to keep them safe on the meat packing floor. 

If you’re preparing to outfit your organization for safe meat processing and packing, save time searching through all the various options and brands by referring to this list for the very best PPE gear on the market. Consider this your meat packing PPE checklist.

1. Workhorse Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut resistance is vital for any gear covering the body, especially the hands dealing with slippery products and sharp equipment. When it comes to metal mesh gloves, nothing compares to WorkHorse for quality and durability. The WorkHorse line of cut protection was specifically designed for food processing environments.

The WorkHorse A610 cut resistant gloves are a top best-selling PPE choice because of how they balance comfort and mobility with quality protection. One reviewer said, “It feels like you’re just wearing a regular vinyl glove when cutting.” Another praised these gloves for saving their fingers “more than once…and probably a few times that I wasn’t aware of.”

2. Dunlop Purofort FoodPro Boots

It’s no secret that we are big fans of Dunlop boots, and the Dunlop Purofort FoodPro Boots are simply the top of the line: a must-have for any meat industry worker! In addition to being extremely comfortable for extended wear, the FoodPro Boots have all the functional features needed to keep you safe and sanitary at work:

  • Slip-resistant
  • Self-cleaning sole
  • Water resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • And a reliable fit that’s easy to slip on and off hands-free

These boots have an innovative polyurethane construction, which ensures they’ll stay strong for the long haul. In fact, they’ll last as much as four times longer than other PPE boots for the meat packing industry, making Dunlop Boots an incredible investment in safety and comfort.

3. V-Gard Safety Hard Hats

Hard hats are a necessary part of PPE for meat packing. In the early phases of meat processing, hoists and shackles may be used to lift and transport large carcasses throughout the facility. If this machinery fails, or a carcass is not properly attached to the hook, this can put workers below in danger.

While bump caps can provide some protection, hard hats will always provide better, more sturdy protection. V-Gard Safety Hard Hats are lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear without sacrificing durability. The suspension is adjustable and it has a slotted design for attaching accessories.

4. Workhorse Metal Mesh Tunics

Hands aren’t the only body part in need of protection from sharp blades. Upper body protection with cut-resistant sleeves are often overlooked — but a highly valuable piece of PPE for meat packing.

Once again, we turn to Workhorse for the best of metal mesh protective gear. Workhorse offers both stainless-steel mesh tunics for the best possible protection and titanium tunics to lighten the load while still maintaining that essential cut resistance. Both options come with long, cut-resistant sleeves and an extended apron to keep you safe from shoulders to knees.

5. Workhorse Premium Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

Anyone who works in meat packing will agree: Clear, unobstructed vision is critical for safety. So protecting eyes from all the chemicals, animal byproducts, and other potential contaminants is vital. Safety glasses will guard the eyes while still providing the wearer a clear outlook on work, especially if you opt for these anti-fog safety glasses that ensure vision always stays crystal clear.

6. 3M Peltor Cap-Mounting Ear Muffs

The CDC estimates that as many as 22 million workers are exposed to potentially damaging noise each year. That makes hearing protection paramount for anyone working in meat processing! Ear plugs and ear muffs can ease the strain, but it can be tricky to find ear plugs that won’t fall out, or muffs that can fit over a hard hat.

Enter the 3M Peltor Cap-Mounting Ear Muffs! These muffs attach right on the sides of a hard hat for easy access and aggressive protection, and they’re compatible with the V-Gard hard hats.

7. 3M 7000 Series Silicone Half Mask Respirator

For anyone spending time around harsh chemicals, it’s important to have protection from the inhalation of toxins. Common chemical hazards in the meat packing industry that can cause respiratory issues include ammonia, chlorine, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen peroxide. People who are frequently exposed to any of these will find it worthwhile to have a reusable respiratory mask.

The 3M silicone half mask respirator is an industry favorite due to its soft, comfortable feel and drop-down harness that attaches to a hard hat. It also prevents fogging if worn under a face shield or below safety glasses.

8. Class 2 SURVO Safety Vest

Working in low-lit or high-traffic areas of the meat packing plant or facility? Collisions, slips, or trips pose potential danger, including falls or injuries. So these vibrant orange safety vests are a great choice to enhance visibility, featuring reflective silver stripes and plenty of pockets for storing pens, glasses, and other small items needed on the job.

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