Hair Guards for Reducing Cross Contamination

We have all experienced it – you discover a stray hair in or on your food and begin to question the safety of the product and the facility from where it came. We want to help your business avoid this scenario and maintain optimal hygienics with a variety of PPE solutions built to reduce cross-contamination caused by stray hairs to keep your facility sanitary and safe. 

Bouffant Caps

Bouffant caps stretch over the head to contain hairs on the top, back and sides of the head. With our WorkHorse® Latex-Free Bouffant Caps, color-coding has never been easier! Available in 5 distinct colors, these bouffant caps are ideal for food processing, food prep and bakery applications. Enjoy cool and comfortable wear, with latex-free fibers tightly spun to prevent loose hairs from falling into food product or contaminating food handling surfaces. Also available in a latex-free pleated variety

Beard Guards

Beard guards are a must have for workers with facial hair! Our WorkHorse® Latex-Free Beard Guards are lightweight, cloth-like and non-woven, with an elastic band to keep the guard securely in place. They are constructed of a lint-free fabric to reduce cross-contamination, and are available in white or orange to comply with your color-coding plan. We also offer a polyester honeycomb variety in blue and white.

Poly Hoods

WorkHorse® Poly Hoods serve as a bouffant and a beard guard, all in one! They are comfortable and cool to wear, preventing both head and facial hair from contaminating your environment. Poly hoods are offered in white and orange. 

Our WorkHorse® products are specially built to withstand the unique rigors and environments of the food processing industry. Call us at 800-456-5624 or chat with us online for more information on these PPE solutions and other products to enhance safety in your processing facility.